Nov 3, 2014

the romantic tales

Deciding to tell her finally..

I wish to be with you for the better part of my life and although I have no idea if you have anyone in your life or not, I want to know if there is / can be a possibility for us to have that one time trip of life that I can cherish even after I leave this body ...

 then deleted before he could press SEND


She sat on the table next to him everyday. The teachers used to teach but he was thinking of a subject sitting perpendicular to him. It felt nice to be back to that class and sitting on that next desk. Just as he got up, he saw a name among many written, almost faded now.. It was his.


How it made me feel is still a question that I cannot answer nor give anymore thoughts to. Thats an excitement to be. The look and the talks that I shared were something I wanted desperately. Its wasn't her beauty or her physical charm but the talks...

May 17, 2014

Entry to dreams

Sitting in on of the college labs, I am looking forward to going out in the coming month and all I am looking to do is to create. That has been my dream, isn't it. That is why I came into design after engineering and that is why I will see to it that I make a mark. And whilst am on it, I will travel as well. One year of travel is surely on my list of things to be surely done.

Design college teaches you many things, how are different jobs rated, respect (most if you create products), and research being looked down upon by everyone. Something they forget is that everyone is really good at something specific and you cannot create some Dyson or Starck out of everyone. Let them learn and go ahead and experiment, isn't that how designers are supposed to learn or is this North Korea?

Today when I look back, there would always remain many of the things that I would have liked to change, for instance, not asking a girl out while I could have, not making the perfect product thinking the time was still to come and going around too much while I might have been working on my detailing of a product or maybe not sending an entry into a design challenge and realizing this could have made it to the top. So finding content is my choice and looking ahead is what I must do. The challenges I had never seen shall face me and I might be alone on the other end to tackle. It is that moment, on the starting line when you have to dive for a race, you don't know it will be perfect or not but you go ahead making it the best one because there is no other choice. Today is the time I will miss tomorrow and that will keep happening all my life so I have to be patient and cool because that is how the arrow is let in the air or a shot fired for a red target.

I look upon hundreds of problems out there to be solved so I am not scared of making things happen and finding meaningful work. The commercial sector might be awesome to earn but there are a lot of people who don't give a damn to what perfect aesthetics are or if you used the perfect colors. The usability and practicality of design and those small areas that are left because a company doesn't really make out big money out of it... Social Innovations expanding Rural and Urban areas are a true test of a designer and shall remain to be for many reasons.

Let us all designers and non designers take up a problem in our community and make it happen for a better happiness index around you. Let the life you live be of meaning and purpose. Don't just come back from office and lie down excusing that you are tired. Get up, move out and make it happen.

Jun 17, 2013

Community Pride

So there are many things I want to make right but starting from my native place and my own people seems to be the best point. This is surely close to my heart since it concerns the Pride of the Sikhs and against misunderstanding Sikhs.

Being agnostic, I have some different beliefs. Seeing people going towards spirituality through different mediums is getting the religions to another level and demanding more out of them. So many changes coming in lifestyle, people, global awareness, ample knowledge availability etc. leading to changes that are not acceptable to the religious bodies.

Looking back at Sikhism, it is a result of a change that the society required at that time. It is said to be the result of the simple teachings that Hinduism and Islam was teaching but people were not following. It is an awakening for the humans to let go off the immaterial and irrelevant stuff they follow and preach. Our Gurus have literally fought against the evils of the society and that is exactly why we are respected so much. Our Gurus were the most modern minds back then.
The simplicity in religion is without doubt going away. And so are many other things. There are many things to understand though. People have increased. Number of Sikhs overall have increased as well. Number of people giving up will eventually be higher. When people increase, managing them without doubt will become difficult. And there are eventually losses in terms of capital, people, values in a mob.

There are many things of which I am ashamed.  Sikhs are told to follow the Guru Granth Sahib Ji, and consider the holy book as their Guru. People still go to all kinds of self made Gurus and Sants, who preach common sense, which, those people don’t even follow after coming from those places. They don’t change for the good things anyway. People are still unable to know that being born with a religion and what you follow when you grow up can be different. Many people, in the attire of a Sikh are actually following a separate religion all together. Ofcourse polytheism is acceptable, but then you don’t call yourself a Sikh if you are praying in front of stones and doing all those things for which our Gurus stood firm against. And then these people, sometimes, even in public will tell/ask you about turban, clothes you’re wearing, conduct etc.

All is in the Guru, the Guru being the Guru Granth Sahib Ji.
And it is high time people stopped taking it for granted that if you do wrong things and preach stupidity,you can survive if you are older to others around you.  I have had the experience of a person very calmly telling me and my brother to not cut/ trim beard in public, then talking about Khalistan, without omitting, “ As our Guru saw it”,   and then telling us that he had found a fraud man and then killed him there itself as the police couldn’t find him. Although I can see he punished a wrong doer, but one should respect the law of the land a bit. There are worse things one can do to someone than killing them. This account did make me furious. After all, a murderer telling me about the religion that tells us to bring others on the right track was ironical. Once Guru Nanak, while on his great tours, told people of one village to stay in their village itself and the others who attended him so well and took care of him to spread. It’s something similar required to be done even now.

The system consists of people, the society those people live in, the appointed religious heads and the Source (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, in this case).
The pictures/painting of the Gurus being worshipped is another step against Sikhism.

Though I can go on saying about the problems arising, I especially want two things in the system to connect which are people and Guru Granth Sahib Ji, which as of now happens through the religious heads. So there will be role redefining as per requirements of the new generation. People will be asked what they think about what they are following. If religion has to lead to spirituality and people have now started practicing and thinking at that level, then what can the religion do for them. Also, it will look into and highlight the problem with the turban these days and how it can be handled with new thoughts and Design!

Take this survey to be part of a small step that could lead to, hmmm, a lot of new ways.

May 30, 2013

Nik_ live It Up !!: The Bus

Nik_ live It Up !!: The Bus: Bus is one and for Pune, pretty much the only cheap option to travel. One day I get a bit late and I saw people relaxing in the bus. Yes, R...

Apr 20, 2013

Is There a Place

A collection of emotions from many different experiences of my life till now...

Is there a place,
Where I am born free,
Just being a human,
Just being seen for what I am,
Devoid of Judging?

Is there a place,
Where I can dream,
Where I can fly,
Like an Eagle,
Where Someone tells me I Can?

Is there a Place,
Where people are sane,
Free from ties,
Of money, wealth, power and religion,
Of hatred, jealousy and madness?

Is there a Place,
Where I can breathe,
Devoid of distress,
Full of hope,
And Full of Nothingness?

Is there a Place,
Where I can play,
Like a Child,
Full of energy,
Full of Excitement?

Is there a Place,
Where People still Love,
And that Love is Genuine,
That Love is Meaningful,
That Love is Free?

Is there a Place,
Where I can walk,
Just carefree and barefoot,
Just exploring,
As if its a new way everyday?

Is there a Place,
Where I don't have to think,
Before I help someone,
Before I say a 'Hi',
Before I fall in Love?

Is there a Place,
Where I can see Good People,
Being loved,
Being in care,
Being recognized?

Is there a Place,
Where I can take her,
Hands in hands,
Holding her close,
And kissing her now and then?

Is there a Place,
Thats called Heaven,
That has People believing,
In stupid and meaningless traditions,
In false hopes about life?

I wish there was a Place,
Be an Anti- Heaven,
Where only Humanity exists,
Where People are free to fall in Love,
Without religions, communities, colors,...

Please go ahead and make your own verse in the comments below.

Apr 17, 2013

The CCD affair

One of the places I love visiting is CCD. I love the coffee and to add to that I like the ambience it offers. And as far as coffee is concerned, I find it very much affordable. There are some good thing that can happen sitting there, like nice pictures and sometimes nice sketches as well.

I recently tried eating something there. Not a big fan of their food, though I liked those 'toasties' they gave this time. I can always say their food is over-priced and much better samosas can be had for a mere Rs.10 (even lesser at times). But those toasties reminded me of those small bread based mini pizzas at home that mom makes. I love those and I would eventually eat so many that I will sleep again after eating them.

But the experience at CCD is mostly good. This time it was the CCD in Loni, near my college. Its almost always never occupied!

So you have the whole space to yourself and talk with your friends. It pretty much feels like a private CCD you have to yourself. jump around, sing, do whatever you feel like!

Bhuwin felt like writing something. We were feeling out of Loni in there. Nicest place for us that day. I only clicked pictures that day. The other day I drew.


And now we finally have some place where we can give ourselves time and keep enjoying. The only thing is we need to manage money to spend that time :p but its worth it. So more CCD trips are in line as jury comes nearer.

live it up!

Apr 15, 2013

The Bus

Bus is one and for Pune, pretty much the only cheap option to travel. One day I get a bit late and I saw people relaxing in the bus. Yes, Relaxing!

It was past 9.30 pm that day when I board the bus. It was time for the late commuters. No rush. No attentiveness for empty seats but just sitting.

What else I saw was everyone is holding on to something. Do all of us need that? While sitting on a seat in the bus, a man is still holding on to a rod and when he felt tired, he just shifted to the other rod. Its hard to understand why its required though you can sit comfortably. Does he wants to be alert even while going back home? Tired from all day's work, he seems unable to relax. 

People in their lifetime hold on to a lot of things. Love, Hatred, Greed, Ego, Patience, Passion, Money and an unending list that can go on. 

What I could capture was the people holding on to various 'things'. The emotions and feeling I could only predict. What was so important in the polythene bag the guy was holding or that small rough looking rag..?
I can only wonder for now but that seemed to be the time when you could relax in a bus and hence, they wouldn't just hold on to anything.


Jan 22, 2013

Rediscovering Craft

Design is an awakening. And considering how ruthless we are to our home products (made in India) tags, design intervention has to come in.

My latest experience was with a very unique product that I bought during my journey back to home in Punjab. The train was passing through Rajasthan when a guy comes and asks if I wanted tea in ‘Khullad’ (clay cups). I was amazed that they were using khullads, and also happy to see. Then a lady comes in with these products contained in a self made cloth sack hanging by her neck. 

The product was so charming that I couldn’t resist buying it. And then I asked for the price, “ 15 rupye ka h”, she replied. I paid her Rs.20 for it. Do I sound crazy? Well, have a look as to what I got for 20 bucks.

Feeling it and rattling!

The Beautiful Spiral
The Complete Form

And it was totally worth it. I started imagining how the craftsperson had made it!
And for quite some time, I had no idea as to how it had been done.

Later on when I reached home, I showed it to my parents and grandmother. They knew what it was. They had seen it before. How come I never saw it?

Then I realized what I was holding. I might as well call it antique art since its hardly known to the present generation, which is a big shame for this nation. The very unique craft of this very nation is not known, nor brought forward by the governments. Its time to look at those amazing forms of products. This product is ageless and doesn’t wary with age! I kept looking at it when I held it in my hands. The spiral is so eye catching. And the way it is made is great!

The material they've used it 'Sarkanda', a wild grass that grows in North. You will probably find many references of it with 'Muda/Mudda Craft'. But somehow there are no mentions of the small things that have been made using this material. I now wonder what all possibilities lie ahead with various materials. The grass is cheap and they've used thinner sections of the same to make this.

Great work. I hope to travel to those parts and see them making it live.

Nov 5, 2012

The Day I met God!

Travelling in the midst of nowhere and trying to find truth, I was on my way with an old man in a village flying around. I was looking for a particular shrine. And my only sole reason to go there was to meet God. I have been here for 10 years now and the time which we calculated for the event to take place is just around the corner. All this time many of us have been at different places where we thought of the event to occur. We’ve named it ‘Truth’. Interpretation of a worm hole to open up at various points on Earth is what we are chasing. How to respond to it has been decided as well… Who so ever gets the chance, goes in.

                The time has come. I look upon the ancestor. He talks about his spiritual experience with me. I have seen him growing old; years of my life occupied with this mission. Its expected to open for 15 minutes, a path that we don’t know about and can’t calculate anything about it. The equipment are in place to trigger the location as soon as it appears. No one else on Earth knows about it except the few people who’ve been in on it. I wanted to be a traveler to the planets when I was a teen. Everyone registered for it but I came across a different fate.
                It became pitch dark all of a sudden. The old man… was not there nor anything else of the place I was standing at. My clothes were gone. There was no air, but there was something else from which I was still breathing. It was some fluid. Then it became all dark. After a month or so I could feel something building on me. Further as the time passed, It kept on building. I had forms protruding from different spots on me. It was comfortable. I felt being nourished. And as the time passed, my form grew. I was getting nourished from a thin tube. Its been almost an year it feels and my form is much more defined now and I can also move it.

                Ouch... something is pushing me towards itself. Maybe I’ll finally get to see God. Am finally out into the light. He’s wearing something white and there’s so much light suddenly. Ouch… someone hit me!
Looks like some sermon, but I don’t understand thing they’re saying. They’re now wrapping me in a softness. Someone touched, and it feels as if I know. I can’t make out but she seems like God. She took me in her arms & kissed me. 

Mar 14, 2012

Marriage+History+Gods & Now

   When can you say to yourself that you’re married! A few many say it’s not until that two people actually have sex that they are considered married. If that is indeed the case then what are the ceremonies for?

   Some of the many things that we follow hardly make a logical explanation. The world was practically nude at some point of time for sure and that time was sure to be our animal instincts on a high. So didn’t they have companions back then or just bastards were born or maybe they were casual about it. The concept of Draupadi, wife to Pandavas, is no surprise in this scenario.  If so called God can be okay with something like that and have over 1 lakh lovers himself, why do we have to bear with the society.  You actually worship him and who says a person who has about 1 lakh girlfriends can’t be wise. I’d say he would be exceptionally wise! The thing is that people worship for their benefits and wishes to come true so in that scenario upsetting Gods is not good isn’t it!
Christianity and a sect of the people from them were deities to the nature form of god did sex within a ceremony with people enchanting hymns. What could that mean? It’s a way of worshipping only? Or maybe the saints found a way to satisfy their pleasures in the name of holy ceremony. More about the Hindu mythology is absurd. The facts like wind, water and sun cannot bear sons or daughters; it was stupid of women to believe that going to the ashrams for doing so would do any good. And when the child was born, he was given the name like pawan-putra etc.  Thus indirect mentions of how the knowledge was used back then as means to fulfill different needs as even today are made now and then in the scriptures. People tend to ignore them but maybe they are not to be ignored. Maybe the writer had no other way to write them and so he did write in an indirect form or else the king might have got him killed. Power and knowledge have always fought, power won but knowledge still survived and still does. The logic of marrying in castes and religions 'only' is unacceptable again. How many 'dasis' the kings used to have. Ever thought that 'kamasutra' took off from India. Still people project all that as holy..Damn you! Keep a limit to being funny man!! Ram seemed so wise and still let Sita into the fire.
Its has become iconic since then that husbands hardly care. There are many western stories we're not aware of still but they're moving back to history fast (<some other day).

   So moving back to marriage, what kind of marriage is it considered to be when a groom sent her wife to the saints to conceive child. The trend seems to be coming back now. With the sperm bank open, what is to get married? Will women actually get married in near future? They can conceive a child anyway and gets a handsome pay! Have marriages been limited to being together to support each other? Are they becoming materialistic? All say you do the job and then meet for a brief time drained of energy to have a healthy conversation. What becomes of such relationship without a huge amount of patience and perseverance?  No wonder divorces are rampant and cold. Can’t really track how the ceremonies evolved to become what they are today but these are one of the things that actually help marriages to be held together. Newer forms are surely coming up like Live-In relationships but these are not acceptable to the Indian psyche for a long-term basis. There are values embedded in us which come into play in our thoughts and actions and so we still live in history and only part in the present!

*The text is not meant to hurt anyone's sentiments. These are my own views on some issues and would take the liability alone to have said them. These are not to be taken towards any religion or any sect.
The thoughts have been taken from psyche of the people.

Jan 8, 2012

Out of the College, Into the Wilderness

     We all knew this phase would come. They say college life is the best part of your life. Hardly any worries of money, time and always finding out new things from the people around you. It has been a very unusual time for me in my college. All this did happen and I was always a part of it. But as I moved up in my college through these years, I realized how much I wanted to be someone and all around me did. But what someone we wanted to be, we didn’t know precisely.

     In fact, majority (and I mean more than 70% here) students were just doing a degree. And none of them was interested to learn anything let alone academics. So this kind of attitude really sucked in the college. I however kept on doing what I liked and became better down the timeline.

     Now I am moving into a new life where the college is over and I am now moving into the wilderness. It is like that phase in which Spartans were thrown into the forests to come back alive after a few years. Survival becomes the key. The time of gaining knowledge for the survival is over. Now it will be you and your boss and a network whose use depends on you entirely. The fun and bunks are not an option here. Even fun has to be earned while you catch up with every other aspect of life.

     So here we go… into the corporate sea whose waves that will push you away in the beginning and when you are a good enough swimmer, they’ll take you to new destinations...

Nov 8, 2011

Feeling, that is of a Cold

So far, I was so happy I was not caught up with the leaky nose everyone was having these days. But it seems I couldn’t prevent it for long. I am a delayed ‘seasonal viral’ catcher. I delayed fetching my winter wear enough to deserve it I guess.

One thing I am sure about no matter how many comments you get about your voice sounding sweeeeeeT… It is HOORRRRR…………………………………(wait for it)………………………………….IBBLE!!!!

I cannot stand this cold and I am going to Kill IT. No mercy. No sympathy. Like a wicked villain, I am going to eliminate every drop of it with a few small tablets. I will cut short its life by every means possible using least amount of medicines it has got used to in this era!

This is my recovery ideal. But about the cold, it’s like molten cheese at different temperatures flowing through your ‘ENT’ all the time. Sleeping is a hard part when all of this is happening to you. Even the dreams are fluidic! And after a few minutes of sleep you feel like everything is going to be ok for the rest of the night, one has to change their posture to open up one’s nose or to get rid of that heavy feeling of your ear getting blocked.

                And without any doubts, these feelings of cold… I HATE!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 6, 2011

Moments with nature

Just during my stroll towards the outside market of the university, I had to operate the ATM in the university ATM branch. It read "Temporary Out of Service'. It was quite frustrating to know that both of the machines in the booth were out of order!

Being a Sunday, you can't expect it to be repaired either. My last hope was the ATM outside the University gate and it rarely works. So I have to buy something and I know I have only 10 minutes to make it with the money. If the ATM is out, purpose of walking out is eliminated at once. But as I walk through a brief green patch with flowers, I see beautiful butterflies around me. Three of them kind of playing with me one by one. Their wings lit by light, there was nothing more beautiful in that moment. The rhythm, beauty and the energy made it for me.

Was I relaxed !!! and still am...

Nov 3, 2011


 From our busy lives, we look upon the individual aspects of our growth relating them to the development in our character. In India, it is a competition right from when you are born.

In the early years, you are adored with colorful clothes, boys being worn skirts to look cute and girls being given boy cuts for the same. Back then we don't bother about all these stuff. The 'Id' is in work at that time. Before 'ego' builds up, life seems pretty simple. We play like we don't care for anything at all. Going from one person to other, doing mischief with them. Being happy and making others happy the easiest task back then. Say anything and the people are amazed and start laughing for the very reason that you said something. They laugh on any movements your hands make while dancing. Just seeing you enjoy makes them happy. What a wonderful life.

ALAS! It stops soon.

But more than the other reason of the society and other aspects that start coming in our lives at that time, it is we who forget ourselves. And yes, some of us stop enjoying! That is really off the track and not called for. Life is beautiful when you are happy. The others around you feel your vibes and they will be happy even as they see you coming. Your life can be way different if you start being happy. Make pranks about situations, about yourself and construct scenarios of imaginative people in your stories. Never mind if you think your sense of humour is weak. It can always be get strong. Taking small things to your heart will surely ruin your life, no one else's.

So if you loved the way you were as a child and wish that everyone would be the same, you don't want to grow old, let that child always remain alive inside you for ever.

Nov 1, 2011

Coffee in Recession

I am a coffee fan.

Recession apart from reducing jobs and kicking out some has done some considerable reduction in the food quantity of the packed foods. I bought the small sachets from a shop and I noticed that the amount of coffee was reduced in the new packs. 


That was bad. They took it to 7gm from 8gm. A 12.5% reduction. That is huge. Why are the profits so important. I am pretty sure the cost at which that pack rolls our is not more than 30 paise. We get that at one rupee to see that the coffee has been reduced !!!

Consumers are being harassed all the time. Its just that, this time it pinched me enough. Who knows next year they might give the same sachet for 1.5 rupees.

Economics surely can make us choose our food. Strange.

Oct 29, 2011

Deep thoughts

Beautiful lines by an artist-

"Understanding destroys many of our raptures of childhood but replaces them with other satisfactions. the composer changes but does not lose his enjoyment of music because of having learned the complicated "laws" of harmony and counterpoint.
as adults, we may retain a portion of our childhood innocence of response but it remains our pleasant fate to be able to respond to the world not only with feeling but with understanding and the search for yet more understanding."

Oct 26, 2011

Diwali: the essence

   Diwali, from its literal meaning, explains a festival of  'diyas' or lights. The modern context, however is bound to be changed since our streets are no more without street light 'provisions'. And we don't need diyas to welcome Sri Ram. LED torched would do a great job instead.

   People must understand basic things and the motive of making your next generations to follow those customs. They wanted it to remain a legend so that people who do right would have strength and courage to do so. That surely is not the case anymore.
   Today, lightening the roads and paths is not the priority. The priority is to enlighten people on their foolish behavior. To abolish those people from religion who do no good to people and instead harass them. The religions are dead now, Justice has to be fought for and initiatives for any good deeds are not dared for.
    Instead of lighting a 'diya' or candle, help someone to enlighten their lives. There are many for whom the system is no good. Help them not burn a candle just for the sake of it.

"Holiness is in right action, and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves. "

" When you stand before God, you cannot say, "But I was told by others to do thus," or that virtue was not convenient at the time."

- Kingdom of Heaven

Happy Diwali to all.

May a live a prosperous and 'lightening' life...

Oct 17, 2011

Exploring Yourself!

Can you define happiness please?  I can’t. But I know how one can stay happie!

(After 4 days)

I thought people might want to respond to this question. But it’s on FB they will, not here.

The pyramid of everything in life as it piles up and reaches to the level of making you either fall badly or rise to a height you ever dreamt of, composure and self-analysis comes in very handy. When there are those choices that would make or fail my life’s story, I want o be ready and knowing what I want to do. It is highly important that you know what you want to do in life. It could be literally ‘anything’. Believe me, the sweetness of success in what you always wanted to achieve is something that would linger on and on. You must have addressed someone on how crazy he/she is for a particular thing. That is their passion and there’s no substitute for passion. If you don’t have the passion, working hard seems to be a waste of time, mind keeps jumping from one cloud to another and studying is a torture.

When you ask yourself for what passion do I have, be brave to accept whatever it is. Don’t judge it. You are being diplomatic in the choices that will affect your life!
Some choice may seem absurd to the people and they might say many things about re evaluating your options and looking for a better outlook of your career. Remember that you are the one who is going to live whatever you choose. You cannot blame anyone saying,” You made me choose… had I chosen this/that, I’d be better off.” Making a choice is no way easy but you have to!

So…Where does this Self-Exploration comes in?

What has happiness to do with all this?

And how does passion links to it?

Self Exploration is simply to know about oneself. And it is fairly easy to figure out what you like/dislike. Simple way of it is try everything! Your mind will keep making the list of things that you liked and those you resented doing. Even small things count. For example, if you need a lot of time for yourself, choosing a career in which you don’t get time, will make you miss those things badly which you were connected to.

All your hobbies that you have are a part of you. You relax through them, learn through them and become better overall. This is one part of happiness about hobbies. I follow them when I am low because sitting idle will surely make me go into depression and sure no one likes that sinking feeling.

I’ve probably written too much about this. Now if I start boring you, you’ll want to kill me 
for this.

I want your opinions on this as well. I’ve not highlighted all the aspects of exploration like – anger, frustration, remorse, excitement and more. Exploring me with all of you would be great.


Live it up!!

CGPA is 6!

             There is a class of students who are carefree to live as they wish and do what they want to do. College’s walls are not any good to bind their aspirations and dreams. My college is not quite what I wished it to be, but it failed to put an end to my dreams. Had I put my mind into studying the solved examples that would come in the exams, I would not be as authentic minded as I am now.
 Same goes for my fellow students of the computer’s branch. Their ideas of hacking are cool to me and they keep thinking about alternate careers. Fed up of the curriculum where nothing ever happens inspite of being free (It’s not that we are free, the lectures are literally read from the book word to word with teachers coming in for the first lecture about the first time they were going to teach and they know nothing).
So we give up studies for our better good as far as those lectures and subjects are concerned. We pass them for sure and we study the nicer ones. If all they test is mugging up of the subjects, there is no use of topping the charts either.
The corrupt ones induce some really wrong concepts in our minds. I have seen people with high CGPAs always referring to past things and technologies. There are no ideas, no originality and no entrepreneurship in them.
Another aspect is the hobbies. We have a lot of them and follow them passionately. The high CGPA people are the ones who earn a lot of money but don’t know what to spend on. Then they see what cool things the 6 pointers did back in college and buy those things. Then they want to learn it. They buy expensive cameras, guitars and cars but not knowing to click a good picture, not knowing how to flow in the rhythm nor to drive responsibly. These are the people who go crazy when they see a lot of money. Having no hobbies, they don’t know what exactly to do so they follow other. That’s c.h.e.a.p.O !
About a 6 pointer, he knows exactly what he’s capable of and knows too well what he/ she doesn’t want to do. They mostly go on to do their own work because they don’t like being bossed over.
Carefree, Live every moment, Know what to do in your life and Passionate; that’s the 6 pointers of Punjabi University for you.

Jul 5, 2011

Mastiv: how it all starts

Young, ambitious and craving to make a change-  a bunch of students sat somewhere in a group brainstorming on how to take up things further to make a change to the campus that had been a bore since we had come in. All were fed up of the inactive clubs and of the people who took least interest to make a change.

It is from 2008, the second half of the year when my life’s important decisions were taking the form of reality. Enrolled freshly in the University College in Mechanical Engineering, I was among the last of the students who got admission there. I had migrated from a Govt. college to the University expecting better exposure and environment here. Things didn’t turn out as I expected them to and adding to it, I didn’t really gave into studies in that very semester. Subjects were something whose application I couldn’t relate to anything at all. Unexpected of the University as it was, it was taking my interest away from engineering without me realizing it.
The restlessness from the lazy curriculum was irritating. Waiting for the things to happen but nothing ever happened. Not to mention, the Clubs are just a minimum requirement criteria. They hardly ever do anything useful. Neglected is the only word available for them.
I was not alone though. I had made some new friends and came to know some seniors soon. The restless bunch of ours wanted to get the curriculum alive. Forward in the times, these people are all busy in one or the other clubs, committees and more and I am so proud of us all. Back then, we were new and wanted to be different. Our motive was to be an independent club and more importantly a neutral meeting ground for all the people who wanted to socialize in the college in a professional manner. What we didn’t know was how to go about it and it really cost us with a lot of critics. Anyhow, I would my stand my ground not regarding what happens around. There were differences in the attitude of the people and we didn’t realize it should be made uniform for all. Sharing the same goal in an organization is very important. We named ourselves- Saksham (capable of doing anything). We wanted to be the change. And we wanted to enroll others with us though it didn’t happen. Many of us were talented in some or the other manner in some aspect as is everyone. What made the difference was us taking the initiative. That is what always makes the difference. I feel sorry for the people who plunge themselves in deep thinking wondering what we might be gaining from this. We never gained anything financially, we surely lost some. But no one gets that until they are a part of it.
We all shared one vision- To make a change in the curriculum and the ‘Saksham people’, as we were known brought it in the form of ‘Mastiv’. It was a long struggle before it became possible. I must say we had one of the best seniors here and I really respect them for letting us do what we wanted to do independently. And there are few people without whom these people might never have been what we are today: two geeks- Parth and Shant, our dear Sir- Mr. A and Mr. Y tipping us at times and guiding with the procedures.
Hence the change begun in 2008 and now proudly, we have given the responsibility to our juniors. “Every generation has their chances and they must do what is next for them rather than intervening in the times they don’t belong to.”- my original ;)
After the first step, many more things came along- in Post 2.

Jun 16, 2011

Making 'the CV'

To all my dear friends, I was recently required to make my CV as a formality for some site on internet. As it seemed to me earlier to be an easy task to make a CV, this myth was soon shattered at the very moment I started with it. I would like to suggest you all that you should make one now since a CV should be made with a focused mind and a thoughtful language. It took me around 3 days to finalize mine for a decent CV. Sometimes the font sizes were not looking good. Sometimes the text effects didn't look good. Initially I tried to make it stand out with respect to design-it was a mistake. There were basically many things that were not required and I was trying to do.
 So there are few points I would stress upon:

  •  Make your CV yourself. It will give you more understanding of how to be brief and to give stress on 'your' strengths. Moreover, it would be easier for you to revise it later on.
  •  Carry out enough research on the internet about the layout and the matter that has to be on it.
  •  Be very cautious of spelling mistakes and grammar. Ask your friends to proof read it.
  •  Take care of the language you are using.
  •  Do Not write anything false on it ever!
  •  Do take a print out in the end to judge it for yourself at the end.
And the most important one-
  •  START Today! You will need the CV all the time for a job opportunity and your training.

Even after keeping all the things in mind, some people are not able to achieve a decent CV at the end. So find some people who can give you advice on it like your seniors, cousins in corporate world, or any other professional people. If you have a good CV, it will induce confidence in you and having it ready would always be a relaxing scenario in the coming time.

Best of luck with it !

P.S.: A detailed information would be extensively and easily available on the internet.

Jun 2, 2011

Rail Coach Factory: training : Day 1

This is just 2% of the Area. Its huge!

I have been enthusiastic for my training in Rail Coach Factory that assembles the coaches for the Indian Railways.

My training started today. planned to commute from Batala to Kapurthala. I took an early morning bus and changed for another bus from Subhanpur for Kapurthala. The I boarded another bus from Kapurthala to Sultanpur Lodhi that dropped me at the RCF gate 2.

As I progressed further I got to know it would have been near if I would have got down at the next gate. Whats done was done now. I had to walk some 3 kms to reach my training center and in the way I crossed the main workshop where everything is done!
And it was beautiful. Huge workplace and beautiful structure. I then saw the double decker coaches being manufactured. Absolute eye catcher !

I finally reached through the factory to the training center. Met a junior of mine I had never seen in the college before but he knew me. Strange as it sounds, he told me he has seen me mostly in co-curricular. I now realized, it must have been me.

We were given forms to fill and told to come back by 4 pm. Oooops!
What was i supposed to do till then? Nothing because we could not sit in the library as well.

So i asked the head there to let me go today and I got the excuse which was genuine. So I was off back to home. I got to know the various buses and the routes and the means by which I could commute around there.

Now looking forward to a lecture tomorrow. Then thats where it all starts!

Delhi Trip : IIT Delhi

The New Delhi Trip was supposed to be a very exciting and a kind of life time chance to hear someone like Steve Balmer, CEO, Microsoft at IIT Delhi.

But guess what !
I registered myself online beforehand thinking I'll go there before my college friends do and attend the lecture and meet them later on. Then I canceled my registration because I had to give my brother my bike in Chandigarh. And I was now accompanying my friends to IIT Delhi by bus organized by the school authorities.
But alas! We were late.
We were supposed to be there by 3.15 pm and we reached there by 3.45pm. The faculty accompanying us thought the seats were reserved for our college. Well, how does that make them eligible to be late is a mystery to me. They probably took it for an event of the University I guess.

I was frustrated. I was so very looking forward to the lecture. Being so irresponsible is a unique case I have seen in the University system and it irks at every step and exists in every department.

What I learnt was never ever to depend on these guys. Disappointing and a waste of time in a bad way!

The Indian Pole

The Indian Pole is in fact, legendary!
Much depends on this pole in our country. From the extreme south point of the nation to the top in the Himalayas, they serve us with the electricity supply. The extensive role of it in the railways can be seen clearly once you step in at any railway station. Some of the railway stations have opted for better versions of a pole that are more durable and tough, taller than their predecessors. The Railways have ample supply of iron and they used it well for supporting their infrastructure. The rail lines supplied to the railways were used extensively for supporting the electricity lines in and around the station and it can still be seen at some places. The sheds were supported by them as well. How many people travel everyday through trains is just an estimate! The number is huge. And with the rising fuel prices, the number is increasing like never before. The nation depends on it in various ways. There are some particular types like those big ones in plain areas that transmit over long distances. These are huge ones and the tallest.

These are subjected to some harsh treatment on daily basis. First of all, the dogs love them; for marking their boundary. I’m not clear as to why they’re so excited to mark on the poles than anything else. Give it a search!
Then the poles are erected in the middle of the road to divert traffic and sometimes to obstruct the traffic on the dividers. The dividers ones really have to play on their lives out there. Some erratic driver might put him out of service for good and himself as well.

Had the Railways not opted for better options, one would have seen rail lines below, on the sides and above them supporting various structures.

They carry some of the most complex electric circuits in the streets. The only way to solve them is to cut them. So many wires on it and if a single one goes bare-naked, imagine what the pole has to suffer.
Despite all the sufferings and molestation by of a pole by many, it stands up and rules the views of the liveliest Indian markets. The next time you see a pole, at least don’t piss on it; salt water being good conductor of electricity ;).

May 18, 2011

Indian Driving

For the people who can manage to get their driving licenses at 15 or 16 yrs or maybe even earlier than that, it is no big issue to have problems in their driving sense.

Who Cares: Signs are Greek to most people on road!
When you go to apply the driving license, you are 'asked'- if you would like to give a test to the Motor Inspector or not. 
And if you are reluctant to give the test, you can get your license by paying some extra bucks. No way someone would have any idea of the rules.

So Rules hardly matter to the Indian Government officials at lower levels. That is very well observed from how people drive in most of the cities. Some general rules that people have made- 
>> Wrong way is just another route and the other people are okay with it.
>> Indicators are less effective than hands.
>> Pushing horn can-
. Eliminate the traffic.
. Start the engine of the person in front.
. Can change the signal from RED to GREEN.
>> The person coming from the other direction has no problem with high beam.
>> It is convenient to block the wrong side on the rail crossing.

These are just some assumptions that people make while driving in India. The skills of the people are not bad. Mostly people in metropolitan cities drive better. They develop patience and ignore small issues. People in Delhi won't mind a small touch with the nearby car but in Amritsar, the people would be out fighting over it.

I have heard from my Uncle how his friend reacted who was from England. They were driving usually on a highway road. And the person sitting along was amazed and startled at the sight of a truck coming from the wrong side while my uncle was relaxed about it. I've read same kind of article in Autocar India some years back from the editor himself. It tells us how ignorant we are and how fine are the driving skills of the normal people are.

Next time you are on road while driving, do keep an eye for people who might be coming from the wrong side while driving, because "It is good to check the side before you cross the road, but it is wise to look on both the sides anyway."

The Jansewa Express: A Spectacle at any Station

This is from my trip to back home from the University for the summer break. And I was waiting there for my train- Shaan-E- Punjab. It was 20 minutes late. I have boarded train from Rajpura many times. And mostly it’s in the evening. I mostly get to see the Jansewa Express at that time. And when I hear it coming from the announcer, I find a place that is airy. I love travelling by rail. The travelling time is surely lesser, more comfortable than bus and cheaper, and at the same time entertaining seeing so many different people around. But this train: Jansewa Express is quite a spectacle to see.

The train travels from Amritsar to Saharsa through Saharanpur which also means that it does not pass through Delhi. The route ends in Uttar Pradesh. The story of the people is like going to a foreign country to earn. These people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh come to Punjab for better jobs and they do work real hard. This is not enough to get them a reserved seat. They prefer to go on a normal ticket which is around 70% of the normal ticket and half of a sleeper berth. But what one wonders is how do they manage to travel so much on a single go without proper place to sleep? It is simply 'will'.

I get to see this train usually while waiting for my train. This time it was in morning. I would normally have left by that time if my train was not late. Apart from the train being so unhygienic, smelling of sweat and urinals, it is in the way people board that train that is serious and amusing at the same time. There are no reservation seats in this train. Everyone can sit in this train. There might not be any check in this train either and I doubt if they even clean it.

(not my click)
About the people boarding the train, they belong to poor class. The train is their lifeline and a cheap means to go home. There can’t be any means at this price and at the same speed. All the boogies are of the general type.  The train is almost always packed with people standing on one foot over each other. Adding to the misery, they are all sweating in 35 degrees temperature without proper clothes on. Most of them are just wearing vests most of the time. Now you can imagine how they manage to continue like that for a whole journey through the night. They have to sleep but I can’t imagine how!

And now is what I saw on the station- boarding of the train. The people are so crazy to get on it that they want to cling to it by any means. I am sure if ‘Fevicol’ was strong enough, they would have pasted themselves on it. They don’t mind hanging outside nor do they mind entering in the latrines through the toilet windows. They have just one aim- To get in at any cost.  Had the route not been electrified, they would surely have got on top of the train. So if people are all over the place, how do they ever manage to piss when there’s an urge. People are already in the toilets due to shortage of space. Maybe they do it in their presence. But then what about the women?

There’s only one way to know and I’d never like to know how they manage ‘everything’ because that means one has to travel in it and that surely is a bad option. Well, anyhow you can surely board that train from the same station at 10.50 am. and see the new kind of people and how they live in completely different circumstances.