Nov 5, 2012

The Day I met God!

Travelling in the midst of nowhere and trying to find truth, I was on my way with an old man in a village flying around. I was looking for a particular shrine. And my only sole reason to go there was to meet God. I have been here for 10 years now and the time which we calculated for the event to take place is just around the corner. All this time many of us have been at different places where we thought of the event to occur. We’ve named it ‘Truth’. Interpretation of a worm hole to open up at various points on Earth is what we are chasing. How to respond to it has been decided as well… Who so ever gets the chance, goes in.

                The time has come. I look upon the ancestor. He talks about his spiritual experience with me. I have seen him growing old; years of my life occupied with this mission. Its expected to open for 15 minutes, a path that we don’t know about and can’t calculate anything about it. The equipment are in place to trigger the location as soon as it appears. No one else on Earth knows about it except the few people who’ve been in on it. I wanted to be a traveler to the planets when I was a teen. Everyone registered for it but I came across a different fate.
                It became pitch dark all of a sudden. The old man… was not there nor anything else of the place I was standing at. My clothes were gone. There was no air, but there was something else from which I was still breathing. It was some fluid. Then it became all dark. After a month or so I could feel something building on me. Further as the time passed, It kept on building. I had forms protruding from different spots on me. It was comfortable. I felt being nourished. And as the time passed, my form grew. I was getting nourished from a thin tube. Its been almost an year it feels and my form is much more defined now and I can also move it.

                Ouch... something is pushing me towards itself. Maybe I’ll finally get to see God. Am finally out into the light. He’s wearing something white and there’s so much light suddenly. Ouch… someone hit me!
Looks like some sermon, but I don’t understand thing they’re saying. They’re now wrapping me in a softness. Someone touched, and it feels as if I know. I can’t make out but she seems like God. She took me in her arms & kissed me. 


  1. oooooh! A fantastic vision of the moments prior to and after the birth of a human being ! I like how it ponders over so many heavy themes and then finally 'clicks'. Like your take on it. Good stuff bro.

  2. Thank you :)
    I was content when i finished this one :D

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  4. This is beautiful. That tube. It is dues ex machina. Awesome.