Feb 12, 2011


As of now, am in college. Being in a University, I get to meet a lot of people. Networking is something that exists here. And thats very obvious that one can have multiple groups that one works with, stays with and many more. You have those friends that are close to you with whom you share almost everything about your life and there are people with whom you are colleagues in a club or community. At every level, there's a different level of personal attention and differences in motives of being in that group.
You spend with your friends to take all your negativity out. They can say whatever they want. Its doesn't pinch you. While with the others, there's a limitation. They would stay out of your personal circle and even you'll try that they do. Too many people in the personal circle are not okay with any person.

But with all the people around you, you are bound with expectations. Living a free life is difficult here. Even though we are a free democratic country, people are bound. In our first stage of development that is school, we are bound by our parent's and teacher's expectations. Then as we move on onto our path, more of the people are added in the 'expectees' list of our life's people directory. As we move on to University/College, we begin to see that an entire nation expects from us. Most of us fail to cater to that extent, but still wherever we work, we get to know some more people who really expect from you and they'll pay you for fulfilling those expectations. Some pay for work and give bonus for fulfilling those expectations, some just get a certificate of Appreciation, and the rest a 'good work' compliment. Well, these are small magnitude emotions.
The most difficult ones are the personal ones. Because unfulfilled expectations in personal relations leads to some difficult complexities. One is unable to overcome such complexities because these keep budging your mind and don't let you come out of it. The result is never directly associated to expectations. So its hard to do the reverse algorithm for most people to know that this was the cause. We've seen increasing number of divorces, nucleated families, more liberal teens, change of friend's group to mention the few.

If you can overcome your expectations, see the other person as an individual and respect their individuality, there never would have been a requirement to get parted from loved ones and you can enjoy every moment with them all your life. Expectation is the sole reason that could throw them out of your life. Having expectations is natural, but when you love someone, you accept them. And when acceptance is there, there is no place for expectations. 


  1. very true...if you respect the other person's individuality...you won't expect much from them.Even if you do expect a little subconsciously,their not fulfilling your expectations will not hurt you and will not ruin the relation...So its better to bring that sort of stability in every relation :) :)