May 18, 2011

Indian Driving

For the people who can manage to get their driving licenses at 15 or 16 yrs or maybe even earlier than that, it is no big issue to have problems in their driving sense.

Who Cares: Signs are Greek to most people on road!
When you go to apply the driving license, you are 'asked'- if you would like to give a test to the Motor Inspector or not. 
And if you are reluctant to give the test, you can get your license by paying some extra bucks. No way someone would have any idea of the rules.

So Rules hardly matter to the Indian Government officials at lower levels. That is very well observed from how people drive in most of the cities. Some general rules that people have made- 
>> Wrong way is just another route and the other people are okay with it.
>> Indicators are less effective than hands.
>> Pushing horn can-
. Eliminate the traffic.
. Start the engine of the person in front.
. Can change the signal from RED to GREEN.
>> The person coming from the other direction has no problem with high beam.
>> It is convenient to block the wrong side on the rail crossing.

These are just some assumptions that people make while driving in India. The skills of the people are not bad. Mostly people in metropolitan cities drive better. They develop patience and ignore small issues. People in Delhi won't mind a small touch with the nearby car but in Amritsar, the people would be out fighting over it.

I have heard from my Uncle how his friend reacted who was from England. They were driving usually on a highway road. And the person sitting along was amazed and startled at the sight of a truck coming from the wrong side while my uncle was relaxed about it. I've read same kind of article in Autocar India some years back from the editor himself. It tells us how ignorant we are and how fine are the driving skills of the normal people are.

Next time you are on road while driving, do keep an eye for people who might be coming from the wrong side while driving, because "It is good to check the side before you cross the road, but it is wise to look on both the sides anyway."


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  3. So true.. The one who can drive in Indian metropolis, can drive anywhere in the world. And as for the wrong-side, I guess they are practicing to drive in US!