Oct 17, 2011

CGPA is 6!

             There is a class of students who are carefree to live as they wish and do what they want to do. College’s walls are not any good to bind their aspirations and dreams. My college is not quite what I wished it to be, but it failed to put an end to my dreams. Had I put my mind into studying the solved examples that would come in the exams, I would not be as authentic minded as I am now.
 Same goes for my fellow students of the computer’s branch. Their ideas of hacking are cool to me and they keep thinking about alternate careers. Fed up of the curriculum where nothing ever happens inspite of being free (It’s not that we are free, the lectures are literally read from the book word to word with teachers coming in for the first lecture about the first time they were going to teach and they know nothing).
So we give up studies for our better good as far as those lectures and subjects are concerned. We pass them for sure and we study the nicer ones. If all they test is mugging up of the subjects, there is no use of topping the charts either.
The corrupt ones induce some really wrong concepts in our minds. I have seen people with high CGPAs always referring to past things and technologies. There are no ideas, no originality and no entrepreneurship in them.
Another aspect is the hobbies. We have a lot of them and follow them passionately. The high CGPA people are the ones who earn a lot of money but don’t know what to spend on. Then they see what cool things the 6 pointers did back in college and buy those things. Then they want to learn it. They buy expensive cameras, guitars and cars but not knowing to click a good picture, not knowing how to flow in the rhythm nor to drive responsibly. These are the people who go crazy when they see a lot of money. Having no hobbies, they don’t know what exactly to do so they follow other. That’s c.h.e.a.p.O !
About a 6 pointer, he knows exactly what he’s capable of and knows too well what he/ she doesn’t want to do. They mostly go on to do their own work because they don’t like being bossed over.
Carefree, Live every moment, Know what to do in your life and Passionate; that’s the 6 pointers of Punjabi University for you.


  1. I like the way your portrayed the deadening dweebs.
    Not having a hobby is surely gonna make them behave just the way you wrote.

    Well.. I like to be carefree.. and that's what I feel when I ride :)

    as for the GPA, I never took it seriously... still getting above 8 means, maybe I am just good at mugging up the stuff during last hours.

    Coz I know it pretty well that whatever answers I may have penned in the last 3 years are nothing more than waste of ink and paper that might be stuffed like garbage in some store now.

    I need practical knowledge and of course that doesn't mean I don't want to read books.

    But every student needs a reason and motivation to study. Which has already been outdistanced from us.

  2. kickass article man!!!