Mar 14, 2012

Marriage+History+Gods & Now

   When can you say to yourself that you’re married! A few many say it’s not until that two people actually have sex that they are considered married. If that is indeed the case then what are the ceremonies for?

   Some of the many things that we follow hardly make a logical explanation. The world was practically nude at some point of time for sure and that time was sure to be our animal instincts on a high. So didn’t they have companions back then or just bastards were born or maybe they were casual about it. The concept of Draupadi, wife to Pandavas, is no surprise in this scenario.  If so called God can be okay with something like that and have over 1 lakh lovers himself, why do we have to bear with the society.  You actually worship him and who says a person who has about 1 lakh girlfriends can’t be wise. I’d say he would be exceptionally wise! The thing is that people worship for their benefits and wishes to come true so in that scenario upsetting Gods is not good isn’t it!
Christianity and a sect of the people from them were deities to the nature form of god did sex within a ceremony with people enchanting hymns. What could that mean? It’s a way of worshipping only? Or maybe the saints found a way to satisfy their pleasures in the name of holy ceremony. More about the Hindu mythology is absurd. The facts like wind, water and sun cannot bear sons or daughters; it was stupid of women to believe that going to the ashrams for doing so would do any good. And when the child was born, he was given the name like pawan-putra etc.  Thus indirect mentions of how the knowledge was used back then as means to fulfill different needs as even today are made now and then in the scriptures. People tend to ignore them but maybe they are not to be ignored. Maybe the writer had no other way to write them and so he did write in an indirect form or else the king might have got him killed. Power and knowledge have always fought, power won but knowledge still survived and still does. The logic of marrying in castes and religions 'only' is unacceptable again. How many 'dasis' the kings used to have. Ever thought that 'kamasutra' took off from India. Still people project all that as holy..Damn you! Keep a limit to being funny man!! Ram seemed so wise and still let Sita into the fire.
Its has become iconic since then that husbands hardly care. There are many western stories we're not aware of still but they're moving back to history fast (<some other day).

   So moving back to marriage, what kind of marriage is it considered to be when a groom sent her wife to the saints to conceive child. The trend seems to be coming back now. With the sperm bank open, what is to get married? Will women actually get married in near future? They can conceive a child anyway and gets a handsome pay! Have marriages been limited to being together to support each other? Are they becoming materialistic? All say you do the job and then meet for a brief time drained of energy to have a healthy conversation. What becomes of such relationship without a huge amount of patience and perseverance?  No wonder divorces are rampant and cold. Can’t really track how the ceremonies evolved to become what they are today but these are one of the things that actually help marriages to be held together. Newer forms are surely coming up like Live-In relationships but these are not acceptable to the Indian psyche for a long-term basis. There are values embedded in us which come into play in our thoughts and actions and so we still live in history and only part in the present!

*The text is not meant to hurt anyone's sentiments. These are my own views on some issues and would take the liability alone to have said them. These are not to be taken towards any religion or any sect.
The thoughts have been taken from psyche of the people.


  1. The conclusion may well be stated that no matter how logical or not so logical the tradition seems, or if you believe in it or not, you will end up being a part of the race. And a very few are able to stand against that current.

    1. Yes.The current is real strong. Standing up to society,against stigmatization and generations of societal conditioning takes a LOT. especially when there could be possible lethal repercussions from red neck fundamentalists. Somewhere between tradition and formal education people forget to learn to be human.

  2. Right. They try to become something against their physical attributes. Almost neglecting them altogether. The mind and brain take over much too strongly that is fed by society.