Jun 2, 2011

The Indian Pole

The Indian Pole is in fact, legendary!
Much depends on this pole in our country. From the extreme south point of the nation to the top in the Himalayas, they serve us with the electricity supply. The extensive role of it in the railways can be seen clearly once you step in at any railway station. Some of the railway stations have opted for better versions of a pole that are more durable and tough, taller than their predecessors. The Railways have ample supply of iron and they used it well for supporting their infrastructure. The rail lines supplied to the railways were used extensively for supporting the electricity lines in and around the station and it can still be seen at some places. The sheds were supported by them as well. How many people travel everyday through trains is just an estimate! The number is huge. And with the rising fuel prices, the number is increasing like never before. The nation depends on it in various ways. There are some particular types like those big ones in plain areas that transmit over long distances. These are huge ones and the tallest.

These are subjected to some harsh treatment on daily basis. First of all, the dogs love them; for marking their boundary. I’m not clear as to why they’re so excited to mark on the poles than anything else. Give it a search!
Then the poles are erected in the middle of the road to divert traffic and sometimes to obstruct the traffic on the dividers. The dividers ones really have to play on their lives out there. Some erratic driver might put him out of service for good and himself as well.

Had the Railways not opted for better options, one would have seen rail lines below, on the sides and above them supporting various structures.

They carry some of the most complex electric circuits in the streets. The only way to solve them is to cut them. So many wires on it and if a single one goes bare-naked, imagine what the pole has to suffer.
Despite all the sufferings and molestation by of a pole by many, it stands up and rules the views of the liveliest Indian markets. The next time you see a pole, at least don’t piss on it; salt water being good conductor of electricity ;).

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