Oct 17, 2011

Exploring Yourself!

Can you define happiness please?  I can’t. But I know how one can stay happie!

(After 4 days)

I thought people might want to respond to this question. But it’s on FB they will, not here.

The pyramid of everything in life as it piles up and reaches to the level of making you either fall badly or rise to a height you ever dreamt of, composure and self-analysis comes in very handy. When there are those choices that would make or fail my life’s story, I want o be ready and knowing what I want to do. It is highly important that you know what you want to do in life. It could be literally ‘anything’. Believe me, the sweetness of success in what you always wanted to achieve is something that would linger on and on. You must have addressed someone on how crazy he/she is for a particular thing. That is their passion and there’s no substitute for passion. If you don’t have the passion, working hard seems to be a waste of time, mind keeps jumping from one cloud to another and studying is a torture.

When you ask yourself for what passion do I have, be brave to accept whatever it is. Don’t judge it. You are being diplomatic in the choices that will affect your life!
Some choice may seem absurd to the people and they might say many things about re evaluating your options and looking for a better outlook of your career. Remember that you are the one who is going to live whatever you choose. You cannot blame anyone saying,” You made me choose… had I chosen this/that, I’d be better off.” Making a choice is no way easy but you have to!

So…Where does this Self-Exploration comes in?

What has happiness to do with all this?

And how does passion links to it?

Self Exploration is simply to know about oneself. And it is fairly easy to figure out what you like/dislike. Simple way of it is try everything! Your mind will keep making the list of things that you liked and those you resented doing. Even small things count. For example, if you need a lot of time for yourself, choosing a career in which you don’t get time, will make you miss those things badly which you were connected to.

All your hobbies that you have are a part of you. You relax through them, learn through them and become better overall. This is one part of happiness about hobbies. I follow them when I am low because sitting idle will surely make me go into depression and sure no one likes that sinking feeling.

I’ve probably written too much about this. Now if I start boring you, you’ll want to kill me 
for this.

I want your opinions on this as well. I’ve not highlighted all the aspects of exploration like – anger, frustration, remorse, excitement and more. Exploring me with all of you would be great.


Live it up!!

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  1. Happiness?

    I don't know what it actually is!

    Is it the feeling I get when I see my parents after a long time.

    or is it what I feel at moments like.. 'seeing a kid smile at me.'

    No matter how much frustrated I am, such moments can change the course of my heart and make me happy. Even though it might not last long, it is something that makes human life pleasurable enough to bear.

    P.S.: A wonderful post here! One can introspect indefinitely about such things. But I guess I need to stop, coz getting killed is not on my bucket list as well. :P