Jan 8, 2012

Out of the College, Into the Wilderness

     We all knew this phase would come. They say college life is the best part of your life. Hardly any worries of money, time and always finding out new things from the people around you. It has been a very unusual time for me in my college. All this did happen and I was always a part of it. But as I moved up in my college through these years, I realized how much I wanted to be someone and all around me did. But what someone we wanted to be, we didn’t know precisely.

     In fact, majority (and I mean more than 70% here) students were just doing a degree. And none of them was interested to learn anything let alone academics. So this kind of attitude really sucked in the college. I however kept on doing what I liked and became better down the timeline.

     Now I am moving into a new life where the college is over and I am now moving into the wilderness. It is like that phase in which Spartans were thrown into the forests to come back alive after a few years. Survival becomes the key. The time of gaining knowledge for the survival is over. Now it will be you and your boss and a network whose use depends on you entirely. The fun and bunks are not an option here. Even fun has to be earned while you catch up with every other aspect of life.

     So here we go… into the corporate sea whose waves that will push you away in the beginning and when you are a good enough swimmer, they’ll take you to new destinations...

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