Feb 8, 2011

Beginning my b.l.o.g.

Tired of hearing blogging. What made it worse was that I was not yet doing it and I don't know how to make it look great. So I thought putting my first post would be the best thing I would do since the last three months I activated this blog. The main reason was that I was not satisfied with the Design and I still need to work on it. So a makeover in future will always be on the cards!

Now that I am hooked to the new trend, I feel like I'm doing something cool. It is not so cool, I know!
Bill Gates is cool. The person whose idea am using is cool. I couldn't find his name. Please do tell me if you know!

So here we are in a world full of softwares that help automate machines everywhere. They'll keep inventing until we reach the point where coffee will be made in a blink of an eye. (I like coffee so..)  But i must admit, I won't like to skip the pre beating of coffee in warm water with sugar or trying to get a nice filtered one with coffee powder.

So, I do have started off with my blog, but I've told myself not to get addicted.
I'm very notorious when it comes to me telling myself to behave!

So keep looking for more from me. 

Cheers to life !

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the world of bloggers bro!

    I always knew that you are good at penning down your thoughts and I am glad that now I am gonna see more of it.

    I would suggest that you put the chronicle of our 'Rain trip to Chandigarh" on this blog. You indited it very well.

    Felicitous Blogging buddy!!
    Cheers to you!!!