Feb 8, 2011

Morning Walk

I could finally get up and move out of the bed. I had sacrificed late night 'paronthas' so that i could wake up early. Anyway, i woke up by 7- not really early. But the sun had not come up. That meant I could still have some nice shots-yes I got up for photography. 
Last night it was raining so the weather would be really awesome in the morning, i had thought last night. But by the morning, the clouds had cleared away to give way for clear sky with which came fog. All my mindset had to change at the moment i saw fog. That was actually the first thing I noticed after waking up, walking barefoot out of the door. 

I thought it will be fun to have some winter shots. But even the fog was thinning now. So I hurried. Grabbed the camera and walked out. The University in the morning is one of the most beautiful of the places I have yet seen. In the day time, its ruined by heavy number of vehicles. So I could now stop anywhere in the road and click anything with no 'he's crazy' or 'what is so exclusive' that he's clicking looks. They can't see what I can and thats what amazes them in photographs clicked by others. So I was free!

But in the end I found my shots. Birds, dogs, frozen ice on flowers, dew drops shinning on benches and spider webs as the sun comes out. Everything was so refreshing that it still has a clear picture in my mind.

Now I must go get ready for college.

Cheers to life !