Feb 16, 2011

Feb 6teen

I'm out of the new hostel and been walking for the last 10 minutes. The first hours of my day, i wanted to spend with myself. I knew my friends are not going to let me do that so I had to escape for a while. I just wanted to relax, have a small journey of thoughts about what I have lived so far.
So I walked on till i reached the University playground. There was no one there at that time. The place was almost dark since there were no lights inside the ground. There was enough light to know what was under my feet. I kept my bag near the basketball court and began walking from one spot to another in the ground just talking with myself, looking at the shinning moon that i thought might help my friends in finding me as well and the few stars that i could see in the cloudy weather.
It was still 5 minutes to go. I saw their bikes going in the direction of my hostel. I knew they won't be able to spot me here. But I wanted them to wait for some more time. My first call came. Its Idiot (Niharika:best friend). I knew she'll call early. Then i could hear her planning to wish me together (whispering in excitement). She didn't like it that i had heard but I was not the one to be blamed. Then I got plenty of wishes in one go. Veronica had to woken up as far as I can guess. she must be sound asleep. Nitika, Shruti, Saloni, Shuchi, Navneet, Mehak.. all wish me. I can see other people calling me. Its all traffic time for a while. In meantime, my friends who are sitting in my room by now and bothering my room mate are getting impatient. Believe me, that would be the last thing I'd have wanted to do-annoy them. But I was enjoying it [am so wicked ;) ].
In between I am also getting messages wishing me a great day ahead. I really hope so. I'm now getting calls from them who are literally cursing me now. They wanted to know where am I? I finally told them where I was. They came, had a look around, and went back. They looked in the wrong directions. Their fault!
So I had to call them again in 5 minutes to tell them exactly where I was. And then they got hold of me. I had to run a few meters so that their grudge of keeping them to wait would lessen. Gaurav and Sachin were the ones who ran as if they're running a race. I haven't seen them run faster than that ever before. And with their relatively huge size, I wouldn't take chance with that kind of a momentum to knock me over so I had to run.
"The more you make us run, the harder you gonna get beaten up", Gaurav shouts at me.
"Stop!", adds Sachin. There were some sweet words that I'm missing here. They were too sweet ;)
I had flowers in my hands from idiot and sachin by now and two people holding me from my neck.

Soon after, I gave up. Phone calls were done. I had got 40 minutes for myself. That was enough.
The others also arrived by now. I could see their silhouettes from where I was standing and couldn't tell who all were there until all of them one by one greeted me with some sweet words (again) to make them run for me. Ankur, Nitin R, Varun, Soni, Mayank were there to give me The B'day treatment.
First thing I got was pastries on my face. They said the pastries were two days old from their hostel. YUKS!
I was all covered with it and some part of my jacket too. I was clicked enthusiastically in that beautiful cream. I didn't tasted it- was not meant to be. I tried my best that it shouldn't get into my mouth, nose or eyes. Then I was taken to my room directly and I saw the collage that had been made for me. It was from all of my friends. Even my school friend's wishes were written in it. Love you all for it ! :D
I went to wash my face. Later I got calls from Ishan and Adi who were taken care of by the others with more of sweet words. We prepared to go for 'paronthas' so we left on bikes. Had some interesting discussions there :p.

So far, it has been great. And am looking forward to the sunrise and the rest of the day.

By the way it's my birthday, if you still didn't get it!

I share it with my Fufarhji (my uncle)
and its my Tayaji n Tayiji (uncle n aunt) anniversary 25th this time.
and also my chacha n chachi 's anniversary.

Family Day Today :D

part 1 over ---x--x---


  1. nice day eh..!
    happy b'day once again. :)

  2. LOL :D you always make us run around the university. Next time I am gonna keep an eye on you beforehand! :P
    Very nicely written bro! Almost felt like I was a part of it! :)