Mar 7, 2011

I am late for posting the second part <-- I know this. My apologies to all my fans :p 

I must mention the people who wished me at a pretty unusual time. I was just done with my previous blog entry when Kevin calls (around 3.30) and wishes me B'day. I was so sleepy at that time. Then calls Himanshi. She is completely asleep just knowing that she has to wish me. So she wishes me and asks me if I got the treatment. So I narrate the story to her. And she asks me- " Niche so rha h kya.. thandd bht h, andar chale ja... " (Are you sleeping on the floor, its too cold outside so go to your room). This left me stunned! And then asks if I'm still outside. I was pretty sure she was missing half the things I was telling her. So I told her to sleep and that I'll meet her tomorrow. 

7.00 am
 So the birthday was not over yet. The morning came to knock at my door and I left my bed to answer it. I started my day with a morning walk. Its always refreshing especially in the University. I got up and took my camera. Today I didn't found any awesome shots but I was enjoying my walk. It was cool outside and I was walking slowly, breathing the air heavily expecting more of the freshness to settle inside. By the way, I was in a positive energy that day. I had decided to be excited all day about the things to come. After coming back from the walk, I had to call up my uncle(Fufarhji). I called up Virji to get uncle's number. He was still asleep. First he wished me and then gave me the number. I called him up right away. I was talking to him after quite a while. I wished him and then he wished me back. This is a day when we can say to each other -'same to you'. Then he told me something i'll always have in my mind. He told me- " Don't try to be a big man, try to be a good man." I suddenly felt so happy in a way I can't express. Soon the line cut. Then I got Masiji's call followed by Mom's. What a co incidence. Both sisters calling at the same time!

 9.45 am
I reach the college late. I had no lecture in the first slot that day so I was getting ready very slowly- had a nice bath, a full breakfast and then clothed up. I was being asked where I was all this time by my friends and especially idiot(niharika) and lays(himanshi). So the things to come first are wishes accompanied by -Birthday Bumps! No one likes them and nor do I. The amount of love and affection knitted in them is just unimaginable and so is the pain. So my first Birthday Bumps of the morning are given to me on the 5th floor. Am tossed up near to the ceiling and then hit with some heavy shoes on my bums as I come down. I wonder if they're called B'day Bumps or B'day Bums. The later is the result. So I met everyone there and all wished me a great day. I was special that day ;) Aman and Himanshi regretted that they had missed the B'day Bumps.

There were just two lectures to attend and then I was free. So sitting in the class, I realized that I'm going to be treated yet again. O ow!
I try to save myself but in vain. B'day Bumps again. And I have better B'day bums by now!
Soon the classes are done and I feel like partying so I ask my friends to plan for one. We were three people giving the party together. Nitika, whose party was pending and Niharka, whose B'day was the next day. In the meantime I am called up to 4th floor by HRA- Himanshi, Rishi and Aman.

And am in for a B'day surprise. I'm captured live on the camera from my entry in the room to reaching the gift- wow. It was meant to be dramatic. So in it I find - a packed and pinned 'laddo' box and a blue wrapped up gift. I had no clue what it contained and so I started opening it. It was taped well. A little more struggle and I see that it contains nothing else but 'laddos'. I have a weird expression while all others are observing me. "Don't you like laddos?", Himanshi asks.
"I do yaar". Thats all I say when they start putting those laddos in my mouth and I was supposed to gulp all of it in one go according to them. It didn't happened. Laddos were good though. Then came another gift which was... can't be elaborated more. Just when I was finished with my gifts, Himanshi told me to go to the last bench.
" wowww ". Glimpse of a CCD, and now Barista bag certainly made me very excited. And what was in it made me sooo happy. I got an Arabica coffee powder with an expresso maker. My life was done. Now I could go and stay alone with these two things until I needed more. hmmm..

Then comes the party time where I am made to do the pole dance again and two other dares for Nitika and Niharika to dance with someone. Not to be omitted that the boys were scared who danced with them. Lol. I was given the B'day Bumps again. I now had super B'day bums I guess.

Niharika had most of the cake on her face while I had lesser than her. It happens every year. And she complains about it each time. I get my gifts when we were about to leave. I get a diary and a Tie. Loved it. I was expecting a tie already.

Then we are back to the University soon. Then the day was over for most. It had been good. I had lived it up. And I now had the responsibility of being a good man as I turn 21.

Thanks to all my friends. Love you all.

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