Jun 16, 2011

Making 'the CV'

To all my dear friends, I was recently required to make my CV as a formality for some site on internet. As it seemed to me earlier to be an easy task to make a CV, this myth was soon shattered at the very moment I started with it. I would like to suggest you all that you should make one now since a CV should be made with a focused mind and a thoughtful language. It took me around 3 days to finalize mine for a decent CV. Sometimes the font sizes were not looking good. Sometimes the text effects didn't look good. Initially I tried to make it stand out with respect to design-it was a mistake. There were basically many things that were not required and I was trying to do.
 So there are few points I would stress upon:

  •  Make your CV yourself. It will give you more understanding of how to be brief and to give stress on 'your' strengths. Moreover, it would be easier for you to revise it later on.
  •  Carry out enough research on the internet about the layout and the matter that has to be on it.
  •  Be very cautious of spelling mistakes and grammar. Ask your friends to proof read it.
  •  Take care of the language you are using.
  •  Do Not write anything false on it ever!
  •  Do take a print out in the end to judge it for yourself at the end.
And the most important one-
  •  START Today! You will need the CV all the time for a job opportunity and your training.

Even after keeping all the things in mind, some people are not able to achieve a decent CV at the end. So find some people who can give you advice on it like your seniors, cousins in corporate world, or any other professional people. If you have a good CV, it will induce confidence in you and having it ready would always be a relaxing scenario in the coming time.

Best of luck with it !

P.S.: A detailed information would be extensively and easily available on the internet.

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