Jun 2, 2011

Rail Coach Factory: training : Day 1

This is just 2% of the Area. Its huge!

I have been enthusiastic for my training in Rail Coach Factory that assembles the coaches for the Indian Railways.

My training started today. planned to commute from Batala to Kapurthala. I took an early morning bus and changed for another bus from Subhanpur for Kapurthala. The I boarded another bus from Kapurthala to Sultanpur Lodhi that dropped me at the RCF gate 2.

As I progressed further I got to know it would have been near if I would have got down at the next gate. Whats done was done now. I had to walk some 3 kms to reach my training center and in the way I crossed the main workshop where everything is done!
And it was beautiful. Huge workplace and beautiful structure. I then saw the double decker coaches being manufactured. Absolute eye catcher !

I finally reached through the factory to the training center. Met a junior of mine I had never seen in the college before but he knew me. Strange as it sounds, he told me he has seen me mostly in co-curricular. I now realized, it must have been me.

We were given forms to fill and told to come back by 4 pm. Oooops!
What was i supposed to do till then? Nothing because we could not sit in the library as well.

So i asked the head there to let me go today and I got the excuse which was genuine. So I was off back to home. I got to know the various buses and the routes and the means by which I could commute around there.

Now looking forward to a lecture tomorrow. Then thats where it all starts!

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