Nov 1, 2011

Coffee in Recession

I am a coffee fan.

Recession apart from reducing jobs and kicking out some has done some considerable reduction in the food quantity of the packed foods. I bought the small sachets from a shop and I noticed that the amount of coffee was reduced in the new packs. 


That was bad. They took it to 7gm from 8gm. A 12.5% reduction. That is huge. Why are the profits so important. I am pretty sure the cost at which that pack rolls our is not more than 30 paise. We get that at one rupee to see that the coffee has been reduced !!!

Consumers are being harassed all the time. Its just that, this time it pinched me enough. Who knows next year they might give the same sachet for 1.5 rupees.

Economics surely can make us choose our food. Strange.

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