Nov 3, 2011


 From our busy lives, we look upon the individual aspects of our growth relating them to the development in our character. In India, it is a competition right from when you are born.

In the early years, you are adored with colorful clothes, boys being worn skirts to look cute and girls being given boy cuts for the same. Back then we don't bother about all these stuff. The 'Id' is in work at that time. Before 'ego' builds up, life seems pretty simple. We play like we don't care for anything at all. Going from one person to other, doing mischief with them. Being happy and making others happy the easiest task back then. Say anything and the people are amazed and start laughing for the very reason that you said something. They laugh on any movements your hands make while dancing. Just seeing you enjoy makes them happy. What a wonderful life.

ALAS! It stops soon.

But more than the other reason of the society and other aspects that start coming in our lives at that time, it is we who forget ourselves. And yes, some of us stop enjoying! That is really off the track and not called for. Life is beautiful when you are happy. The others around you feel your vibes and they will be happy even as they see you coming. Your life can be way different if you start being happy. Make pranks about situations, about yourself and construct scenarios of imaginative people in your stories. Never mind if you think your sense of humour is weak. It can always be get strong. Taking small things to your heart will surely ruin your life, no one else's.

So if you loved the way you were as a child and wish that everyone would be the same, you don't want to grow old, let that child always remain alive inside you for ever.

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