Nov 6, 2011

Moments with nature

Just during my stroll towards the outside market of the university, I had to operate the ATM in the university ATM branch. It read "Temporary Out of Service'. It was quite frustrating to know that both of the machines in the booth were out of order!

Being a Sunday, you can't expect it to be repaired either. My last hope was the ATM outside the University gate and it rarely works. So I have to buy something and I know I have only 10 minutes to make it with the money. If the ATM is out, purpose of walking out is eliminated at once. But as I walk through a brief green patch with flowers, I see beautiful butterflies around me. Three of them kind of playing with me one by one. Their wings lit by light, there was nothing more beautiful in that moment. The rhythm, beauty and the energy made it for me.

Was I relaxed !!! and still am...


  1. Nice click Nik.

    Good to see that you could find this moment of pleasure, even when you were discomfited by the ATMs

  2. Sorry to disappoint you bro.
    That's not my click.
    haven't got a hold of butterflies on my camera yet ;)