Apr 15, 2013

The Bus

Bus is one and for Pune, pretty much the only cheap option to travel. One day I get a bit late and I saw people relaxing in the bus. Yes, Relaxing!

It was past 9.30 pm that day when I board the bus. It was time for the late commuters. No rush. No attentiveness for empty seats but just sitting.

What else I saw was everyone is holding on to something. Do all of us need that? While sitting on a seat in the bus, a man is still holding on to a rod and when he felt tired, he just shifted to the other rod. Its hard to understand why its required though you can sit comfortably. Does he wants to be alert even while going back home? Tired from all day's work, he seems unable to relax. 

People in their lifetime hold on to a lot of things. Love, Hatred, Greed, Ego, Patience, Passion, Money and an unending list that can go on. 

What I could capture was the people holding on to various 'things'. The emotions and feeling I could only predict. What was so important in the polythene bag the guy was holding or that small rough looking rag..?
I can only wonder for now but that seemed to be the time when you could relax in a bus and hence, they wouldn't just hold on to anything.


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