Apr 17, 2013

The CCD affair

One of the places I love visiting is CCD. I love the coffee and to add to that I like the ambience it offers. And as far as coffee is concerned, I find it very much affordable. There are some good thing that can happen sitting there, like nice pictures and sometimes nice sketches as well.

I recently tried eating something there. Not a big fan of their food, though I liked those 'toasties' they gave this time. I can always say their food is over-priced and much better samosas can be had for a mere Rs.10 (even lesser at times). But those toasties reminded me of those small bread based mini pizzas at home that mom makes. I love those and I would eventually eat so many that I will sleep again after eating them.

But the experience at CCD is mostly good. This time it was the CCD in Loni, near my college. Its almost always never occupied!

So you have the whole space to yourself and talk with your friends. It pretty much feels like a private CCD you have to yourself. jump around, sing, do whatever you feel like!

Bhuwin felt like writing something. We were feeling out of Loni in there. Nicest place for us that day. I only clicked pictures that day. The other day I drew.


And now we finally have some place where we can give ourselves time and keep enjoying. The only thing is we need to manage money to spend that time :p but its worth it. So more CCD trips are in line as jury comes nearer.

live it up!


  1. "CCD" is a name dat ll b written in golden ink in my biography, if ever someone dares to write dat :P
    Its a place dat gives you insights of ur own self.

    I wanted to run away from dis lonely loni but dat day, i felt like a cute girl held my hand and asked me to stay der fr her :p
    nd asusual, i agreed :)