May 17, 2014

Entry to dreams

Sitting in on of the college labs, I am looking forward to going out in the coming month and all I am looking to do is to create. That has been my dream, isn't it. That is why I came into design after engineering and that is why I will see to it that I make a mark. And whilst am on it, I will travel as well. One year of travel is surely on my list of things to be surely done.

Design college teaches you many things, how are different jobs rated, respect (most if you create products), and research being looked down upon by everyone. Something they forget is that everyone is really good at something specific and you cannot create some Dyson or Starck out of everyone. Let them learn and go ahead and experiment, isn't that how designers are supposed to learn or is this North Korea?

Today when I look back, there would always remain many of the things that I would have liked to change, for instance, not asking a girl out while I could have, not making the perfect product thinking the time was still to come and going around too much while I might have been working on my detailing of a product or maybe not sending an entry into a design challenge and realizing this could have made it to the top. So finding content is my choice and looking ahead is what I must do. The challenges I had never seen shall face me and I might be alone on the other end to tackle. It is that moment, on the starting line when you have to dive for a race, you don't know it will be perfect or not but you go ahead making it the best one because there is no other choice. Today is the time I will miss tomorrow and that will keep happening all my life so I have to be patient and cool because that is how the arrow is let in the air or a shot fired for a red target.

I look upon hundreds of problems out there to be solved so I am not scared of making things happen and finding meaningful work. The commercial sector might be awesome to earn but there are a lot of people who don't give a damn to what perfect aesthetics are or if you used the perfect colors. The usability and practicality of design and those small areas that are left because a company doesn't really make out big money out of it... Social Innovations expanding Rural and Urban areas are a true test of a designer and shall remain to be for many reasons.

Let us all designers and non designers take up a problem in our community and make it happen for a better happiness index around you. Let the life you live be of meaning and purpose. Don't just come back from office and lie down excusing that you are tired. Get up, move out and make it happen.

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