Nov 3, 2014

the romantic tales

Deciding to tell her finally..

I wish to be with you for the better part of my life and although I have no idea if you have anyone in your life or not, I want to know if there is / can be a possibility for us to have that one time trip of life that I can cherish even after I leave this body ...

 then deleted before he could press SEND


She sat on the table next to him everyday. The teachers used to teach but he was thinking of a subject sitting perpendicular to him. It felt nice to be back to that class and sitting on that next desk. Just as he got up, he saw a name among many written, almost faded now.. It was his.


How it made me feel is still a question that I cannot answer nor give anymore thoughts to. Thats an excitement to be. The look and the talks that I shared were something I wanted desperately. Its wasn't her beauty or her physical charm but the talks...

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