Jun 2, 2011

Delhi Trip : IIT Delhi

The New Delhi Trip was supposed to be a very exciting and a kind of life time chance to hear someone like Steve Balmer, CEO, Microsoft at IIT Delhi.

But guess what !
I registered myself online beforehand thinking I'll go there before my college friends do and attend the lecture and meet them later on. Then I canceled my registration because I had to give my brother my bike in Chandigarh. And I was now accompanying my friends to IIT Delhi by bus organized by the school authorities.
But alas! We were late.
We were supposed to be there by 3.15 pm and we reached there by 3.45pm. The faculty accompanying us thought the seats were reserved for our college. Well, how does that make them eligible to be late is a mystery to me. They probably took it for an event of the University I guess.

I was frustrated. I was so very looking forward to the lecture. Being so irresponsible is a unique case I have seen in the University system and it irks at every step and exists in every department.

What I learnt was never ever to depend on these guys. Disappointing and a waste of time in a bad way!

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